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Verified data: Films, Television, Radio, Theatre

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English Language

Feature Films (Fiction) with Lead Intersex Characters

Both [feature film] Directed by Lisset Barcellos. Solaris Films, US, 2005. 86 mins.

Bruno & Earlene Go to Vegas [feature film] Directed by Simon Savory. Flyswot Films, US, 2013. 95 mins.

Never Too Young to Die [feature film] Directed by Gil Bettman. Paul Entertainment, US, 1986

Only Love Matters [feature film] Directed by Kamran Qureshi. KQ Movies, UK, 2023. 96 min.

Open [feature film] Directed by Jake Yuzna. Narrative Films, US, 2010. 88 mins.

Predestination [feature film] Directed by Michael Spierig. Screen Australia, Australia, 2014. 97 mins.

Spork [feature film] Directed by Jasbir Singh Ghuman Jr. Last Bastion Entertainment, US, 2010. 86 mins.

Terror Firmer [feature film] Directed by Lloyd Kaufman. Troma Entertainment, US, 1999. 124 mins.

Feature Films (Fiction) with minor Intersex Characters

Freaks [feature film] Directed by Tod Browning. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), US, 1932. 64 mins.

Immaculate Conception [feature film] Directed by Jamil Dehlavi. Dehlavi Films, UK, 1992. 120 mins.

The Final Programme [feature film] Directed by Robert Fuest. Goodtimes Enterprises, UK, 1973. 81 mins.

Short Films (Fiction) with Intersex Characters

Ponyboi [short film] Directed by River Gallow and Sadé Clacken Joseph. GapToof Entertainment, United States, 2019. 19 mins.

Natural Me [short film] Directed by Xiao Che. University of Miami, US, 2018. 6 mins.

Television Series with Intersex Characters

‘Begin the Begin’, Grey’s Anatomy [television series] Directed by Jessica Yu. American Broadcasting Company (ABC), US, 19 October 2006, American Broadcasting Company (ABC), 60 mins.

Faking It [television series] Created by Dana Goodman, Julia Lea Wolov and Carter Covington. MTV,  US, 2014, MTV, 21 mins.

‘Freak Show’, American Horror Story [television programme] Directed by Ryan Murphy. 20th Century Fox Television, US, 2014, FX, 90 mins.

Freaks and Geeks [television series] Created by Paul Feig. DreamWorks Television, US, 25 September 1999, NBC, 44 mins.

‘Masquerade’, Emergency Room [television series] Directed by Steve De Jarnatt. National Broadcasting Company (NBC), US, 29 October 1998, NBC, 60 mins.

‘Skin Deep’, House [television series] Directed by James Hayman. Shore Z Productions, US, 20 February 2006, Fox Network, 44 mins.

‘The Parent Rap’, Chicago Hope [television programme] Directed by Arvin Brown. 20th Century Fox Television, US, 29 April 1996, CBS, 60 mins.

‘The Long Goodbye’,  Janet King [television series] Directed by Peter Andrikidis. ABC Television, Australia, 12 May 2016, ABC, 57 mins.

‘Identity’, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit [television programme] Directed by Rick Wallace. NBC Universal Television, US, 18 January 2005, NBC, 42 mins.

Nip/Tuck [television series] Directed by Ryan Murphy. Warner Bros. Television, United States, 2005. FX Networks, 44 mins.

Offspring [television series] Created by Debra Oswald, Imogen Banks and John Edwards. Southern Stars. Australia, 2017, Network TEN, 60 mins.

Passions [television series] Created by J. Reilly. Outpost Farm Productions, United States, 1999, NBC, 60 mins.

‘Gender Bender’, The X-Files [television series] Directed by Rob Bowman. 20th Century Fox Television, United States, 21 January, Fox network, 1994. 

Theatre with Intersex Characters 

Angels Are Intersex by Seven Graham (2017) Directed by Jessica Lynn Johnson. Son of Semele Theater, Los Angeles, 15th February.

Herculine Barbin in Memoirs of a Hermaphrodite by Sarah Leaver (2012) [theatre play] Directed by Denise Evans and Written by Sarah Leaver. Sarah Leaver Productions, United Kingdom, 2012. Available at: [Accessed 01 Feb. 2019].

Radio Programme with Intersex Characters

Late Night Theatre: First Forum. [radio programme] Presented by Tamara Griffith. BBC, UK, 10 May 1997, BBC Radio 4 FM.

‘Secret lives and revelations’, Tuesday Lives [radio programme] BBC, UK, 15:00, 26 Jan 1993,  Presented by J. Buchan. BBC Radio 4 FM.

Fiction work (Foreign Languages) with Intersex Lead Characters

Arianna [feature film] Directed by Carlo Lavagna. Ring Film, Italy, 2015. 84 mins.

Blood of a Poet [feature film] Directed by Jean Cocteau. Vicomte de Noailles, France, 1932. 55 mins.

Bol [feature film] Directed by Shoaib Mansoor. Shoman Production, Pakistan, 2011, 165, mins.

Born to be Human [feature film] Directed by Lily Ni. Taiwan, 2021. 105 mins. 

Hermafrodita [feature film] Directed by Albert Xavier. Dominican Republic, 2009. 96 mins.

Hermes & Aphrodite [short] Directed by Gregor Zootzky. German, 2013, 10 mins.

Moorat [television series] Directed by Kamran Qureshi. 7th Sky Entertainment. Pakistan, 2004. ARY Digital TV Network, 990 mins.

Metamorphosis [feature film] Directed by J. E. Tiglao. Rebelde Films, Philippines, 2019. 98 mins.

Murad [television movie] Directed by Kamran Qureshi. Evergreen Media Europe. UK, Indus TV Network, 2003. Available at: [Accessed 28 August 2020].

Mystère Alexina [feature film] Directed by René Féret. Les Cinéastes Associés, France, 1985. 86 mins.

Sa bangji [feature film] Directed by Kyeong-shik Song. In-chang Films, South Korea, 1988. 94 mins. 

Tamanna [feature film] Directed by Mahesh Bhatt. NH Studioz, India, 1998. 127 mins.

The Last Summer of La Boyita [feature film] Directed by Julia Solomonoff. Travesia Productions, Argentina, 2009. 93 mins.

The Requiem for the 20th Century [short film] Directed by Maria Klonaris and Katerina Thomadaki. The Cycle of Angel, France, 1994. 14 mins.

The Sex of Dominica [short film] Directed by Viva Delorme. France, 2007.

XXY [feature film] Directed by Lucía Puenzo. Historias Cinematograficas Cinemania, Spain, 2007. 91 mins. 

Yo Imposible [feature film] Directed by Patricia Ortega. Antorcha Films, Venezuela, 2018. 97 mins.

Factual work on Intersex

Born Between: The Nature of Intersex  [documentary] Directed by Martin Freeth. Production Systems, US, 2016

Hermaphrodites Speak [documentary] Directed by BBC Productions, US, 1997.

Intersexion [documentary] Directed by Grant Lahood. Ponsonby Productions Limited, NZ, 2012.

Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She [Documentary] Directed by Antony Thomas. Deep Stealth Productions, US, 2005. 54 mins. 

‘Growing Up Intersex’, Oprah Winfrey [television programme] Directed by Oprah Winfrey. HBO Films,  US, HBO, 1886-present.

Orchids: My Intersex Adventure [documentary] Directed by Phoebe Hart. Hartflicker Moving Pictures, Australia, 2010. 56 mins.

XXXY [Documentary] Directed by Porter Gale. Stanford University, US, 2000. 13 mins.

Yellow for Hermaphrodites [Documentary] Directed by John Keir. Greenstone Pictures, US, 2002.

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